We congratulate Evelina Wikner, our first doctor in SEC stage IV

tisdag, september 24, 2019

Evelina Wikner, M.Sc in Nano Technology, successfully defended her thesis entitled ‘Lithium ion Battery Ageing: Physics-based Modeling for Electric Vehicle Applications’ on Friday 20 September. Dr Daniel Abraham, a leading researcher into performance and ageing degradation of batteries from Argonne National laboratory in Chicago, Illinois, was the opponent. Evelina has conducted theory work developing models for performance and ageing predictions for LiIon batteries, with a focus on the LMC/NMO technology, as well as conducted a very large experimental work with around 60 cells being tested with a duration of up to 4 years for some cells. Together with her ‘paralell PhD student’ Erik Björklund at Uppsala university, a number of the investigated cells were opened and were exposed for deeper studies. The interest for Evelinas work has been large from society and at the dissertation 130 visitors came.

In the picture Evelina is flanked by Torbjörn Thiringer on the left and Lars Eriksson on the right.