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Monday, June 26, 2017

Our annual report out now!

In 2016, Swedish Electromobility Centre started about ten postdoctoral and doctoral student projects and twenty new studies and smaller projects. We welcomed our new thematic researchers and saw the activity in the theme areas grow with more workshops and seminars and a broader network. We arranged the conferences “Roads to the Future”, “Fuel Cell 2016” and “Next Generation Batteries”, visited Japan and welcomed visitors from different parts of the world. Read all about it in our annual report!

Annual report 2016

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

All clear for six new fuel cell projects

“The interest grows along with the market development” says Bertil Wahlund who leads the fuel cell tech watch.

Fourteen applications came in and six were granted funding when Swedish Electromobility Centre invited project proposals for fuel cell tech watch. “The interest in fuel cells grows along with the market development” says Bertil Wahlund from Energiforsk, who leads the tech watch in the Centre’s theme area Fuel cells.

The granted projects concern

  • monitoring of the development of solid oxide fuel cells (and electrolyzers)
  • how the cost of fuel cell systems varies with different power sizes in vehicles
  • lifetime and cost of pressure tanks for hydrogen storage, but also for other storage options
  • the possibilities for fuel cells in vehicles, handling machines and locomotives in intermodal transport systems
  • demonstration of a cargo bike with fuel cell for higher power

Fuel cells is one of Swedish Electromobility Centre’s five theme areas, with the objective of building a knowledge base and enabling a broader introduction of fuel cells for transport and for society.

Text: Emilia Lundgren

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet us at Almedalsveckan!

The future is electric – but how will we fill up our cars? Together with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden,  Swedish Electromobility Center organizes a seminar during Almedalsveckan in Visby.

We are creating an infrastructure for fast charging of vehicles with large batteries. Is it the right way forward? What are the options – are they cheaper and better? What do the advocates say? And what does the research say?

When: 4 July 2017, 11:30 – 12:30

Where: Kinbergs plats 3, Visby


Jacob Lagercrantz, Founder 2030-sekretariatet
Charlotte Eisner, CEO Global Sales & Business Development, Chargeamps
Björn Aronsson, Operations Manager, Hydrogen Sweden
Elna Holmberg, Director, Swedish Electromobility Center
Stefan Pettersson, Research Director Electromobility, RISE Viktoria
Olle Johansson, CEO, Powercircle
Frances Sprei, Assistant Professor, Chalmers
Peter Engdahl, Swedish Energy Agency

The seminar “Framtiden är elektrisk – men hur tankar vi bilen?” is in Swedish. More info >>

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Swedish attitudes to charge vehicles

In a new broadcast from the OmEV pod (Global watch of energy efficient road vehicles) Mazdak Haghanipour (Power Circle), Annika Nordlund (Umeå University), Martina Wikström (Swedish Energy Agency) and Magnus Karlström (OmEV) discuss what we know about Swedish charge vehicle users and what attitudes Swedes have to charge vehicles.

Listen (Swedish):

OmEV is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and hosted by Swedish Electromobility Centre.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A research cavalcade on E-mobility Center Day 2017

All partners in Swedish Electromobility Center met to share ongoing research projects during one intense day.

Presentation followed presentation in a steady flow, when Swedish Electromobility Centre showcased the research projects currently carried out within the center. Over twenty research projects were presented to the invited partners during the day, covering the areas system studies and methods, electrical machines and propulsion systems, energy storage, vehicle analysis and fuel cells. The participants also gained insight into the activities offered PhD students in e-mobility across Sweden through the doctoral student network, as well as a taste of future projects.

Swedish Electromobility Center includes five technical universities and four industrial partners. The buzz during the breaks witnessed that the opportunity to mingle and meet old and new colleagues from different places put people in high spirits. “Informative and interesting, please repeat this every year!”, were some of the comments when the intense day drew to a close.