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Monday, July 8, 2019

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

PhD summer school: Components and Systems for Electromobility, Jönköping 2019

This year’s summer school resulted in a very intensive week in Jönköping packed with activities, mixing both theory and practical work. The participants have worked with different tools for the analysis and optimisation of electromobility systems, as well as the design and modelling of the most relevant components in electric vehicles: electrical machines, power converters and batteries. Additionally, various charging systems have been studied for the supply of electricity to vehicles.

As a practical exercise, the participants have been given the task of optimising the power system of a model electric vehicle to operate on a track equipped with an Electric Road System. During the first evening, the task was presented to the students, together with the necessary theory and models, and the teams were formed. The second evening was  practice session, so the teams could try different practical configurations. Finally, on the third evening all the teams competed in three different categories: fastest in 3 laps, fastest in 15 laps, and “last on the track”.
See the film where both students and teachers tell about 2019 summer school and join us next year!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Now we have started stage IV!

Successful conference and workshop at St Jörgen, Hisingen, 26-27 June 2019. During the afternoon day one we went through the theme areas’ research and road map for Stage IV. The day ended with champagne on the terrace and dinner. Day two began with Hans-Olof Dahlberg from the Swedish Energy Agency talking about the authority’s perspective on electromobility in Sweden and on the role of the Swedish Electromobility Centre. Then Nils Gunnar Vågstedt talked about the industrial perspective and the challenges in mobility, and then Henrik Svennigstorp presented the ongoing work with SEEL. This was followed by a workshop on electromobility in Sweden, the role of SEC network, and concrete suggestions for SEC’s future work.

See all the presentations collected in the attached pdf.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

News about granted funds for stage 4

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted Swedish Electromobility Centre, SEC, funds for Stage 4, which runs from 1 July 2019 and four years to come. This gives us the opportunity to continue the Swedish Electromobility Centres important work to act as a catalyst for new vehicle technology.

Our mission is to continue to contribute to sustainable mobility by developing strategically important knowledge and expertise in the electric and hybrid vehicle area to strengthen and support the Swedish automotive industry. In stage four, we will focus on five thematic areas: system studies and methods, electrical machines, drive systems and charging, energy storage (including fuel cells), electromobility in society and collaboration between vehicles and the electricity grid. The centre will strengthen cross-border research and collaboration between industry and academia. The goal is to make the vehicle fleet more energy efficient with a more gentle environmental impact.

“Starting this year, the SEC is expanding its focus to powerfully including the power grid impact of electric vehicles. It’s very exciting. An electric vehicle fleet of the extent that we will have within the next 10 years has a significant impact not only on energy outlets from the electricity system but also on power balance and, not least, the interaction with renewable electricity production. The SEC takes the overall responsibility that will affect both the charging infrastructure and the grid components as well as the country’s electricity generation ”. – Mats Alaküla, theme manager for Electric machines and fuel.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Elna Holmberg one of nine new members of IVA

In June, Elna Holmberg, Vice President, Volvo Group Electromobility and former director of the Swedish Electromobility Center were elected to IVA’s Department of Electrical Engineering.