Competitiveness of fuel cells in road vehicles – new report

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Under what conditions are drivelines with fuel cells competitive compared with other driveline options? The Swedish fuel cell research elite answer the question in a new report.

The report is based on written sources as well as a couple of interviews with actors in Japan where the major vehicle manufacturers work with both fuel cells and charge vehicles.

“The project is a collaboration between parts of the absolute elite in Swedish fuel cell research”, says Bertil Wahlund, Energiforsk, who leads the fuel cell tech watch in Swedish Electromobility Centre.

The authors note, among other things, that the competitiveness of various forms of electrification increases as regulations are made more stringent. Most policies that are beneficial for battery vehicles are beneficial for fuel cell vehicles as well. One important exception concerns infrastructure policies, since hydrogen vehicles, unlike battery vehicles, depend on a public fuel infrastructure.

The project was conducted by Hans Pohl, RISE Viktoria, Bengt Ridell, Sweco, Annika Carlson and Göran Lindbergh KTH, Kanehira Maruo and Magnus Karlström, Swedish Electromobility Center / Chalmers.

The study has been carried out within the framework of the Fuel cell tech watch at Swedish Electromobility Centre, which is coordinated by Energiforsk.

Download the report