Static Charging Solutions for EVs

Swedish Electromobility Centre and Theme Electrical Machines and Drives are happy to invite you to a 1-day workshop on “Static Charging Solutions for EVs”.

While dynamic charging with the different types of electric road technology is a promising solution for electrifying long distance transport needs, static charging, especially if it is automated and it can happen frequently (so-called opportunity charging) seems the easiest to implement and most effective way of electrifying transport in urban environments and short/medium distance trips.

In this workshop in Static Charging Solutions for EVs we’ll get to know more about the future perspectives and technical solutions from our industrial partners, as well as the latest updates from ongoing research projects in our Theme. Don’t miss the opportunity to join us!

WHEN: Tuesday, 06 February, 09.30-16.00.
WHERE: Chalmers,Johanneberg, Hörsalsvägen 11, Fredrik lamm
REGISTRATION: Please register via registration link >> , before 2 February.
COST: Participation is free of charge and lunch during the day are included. (SEC members only)
QUESTIONS: Please email fran.marquez@iea.lth.se if you have any questions.