Executive summary from SECs workshop about electromobility in Sweden

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On the 27 th of June 2019 Swedish electromobility centre hosted a workshop on Electromobility in Sweden.

The conclusions are an overview result of the workshop and should be seen as a contribution to clarify the needs that exists within the field of electromobility, not as the views and standpoint of SEC. Many participants expressed that it was very useful to sit down and discuss the broader perspective and the role of SEC in that context. Many expressed the need of more time. This should be repeated. Important to discuss and learn from each other in the network.

90 participants were divided into ten groups for group discussions on the three topics. The groups were intentionally mixed with respect to competence and organizations in order to create dynamic discussions. A group leader was responsible for taking notes on a poster.
Results from the discussions were presented to the others as a poster presentation and finally a summary discussion in plenary was held.

Three topics were given:

• The broader perspective- Electromobility in Sweden
• SEC’s role as a leading network
• Specific projects we need to move forward.

Read the conclusions:
Executive summary SEC Workshop Electromobility in Sweden