An intensive week on electromobility

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Electromobility Summer School
Electromobility Centre’s Summer School. An intensive week where lectures and practical exercises will be mixed with social activities.

Jonas Fredriksson explains about Swedish Electromobility Center’s summer school on components and systems studies for electromobility. An intensive week where lectures and practical exercises will be mixed with social activities.

Who is the summer school intended for?
– It is intended primarily for PhD students with interest and research profile in electromobility, at all Swedish universities. However, researchers from the Centre’s industrial partners are also welcome.

Why do you arrange a summer school?
Swedish Electromobility Centre is a national centre of excellence with doctoral students and researchers at several Swedish universities. This means that common activities lead to a lot of traveling for some members. In the summer school we gather in one place for a week and study and discuss electromobility focused together. In addition, participants get the opportunity to get to know each other and create contacts with other researchers and research students who deal with different aspects of electric mobility.

What will I learn during the week?
The course gives both overview and in-depth knowledge of key components such as batteries, fuel cells and electrical machines as well as tools for systems studies that will be used for evaluation, design and construction of vehicle drive systems.

Why should I attend – aren’t the courses I take at my university enough?
Courses taken within your own research school are usually in-depth courses within your research area. Because electromobility is an interdisciplinary research field, finding courses that provide a comprehensive picture can be difficult. The summer school provides both a broader understanding of the electromobility area and of where the research challenges lie within the different parts of the area.

I want to participate. What do I do?
– You register for the course at Swedish Electromobility Centre’s website. The course itself and course material are free, but you pay for travel, accommodation and living. During an intensive week, lectures and practical exercises are mixed with social activities. The examination consists of active participation during the week as well as the solution of a project assignment that will be reported on a separate occasion.

Swedish Electromobility Center summer school
When: 21-25 May 2018
Where: Toftaholm Manor, outside Värnamo.

Registration: By April 12th
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