Reborn interest for fuel cells in the vehicle industry

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Magnus Karlström
Magnus Karlström is researcher at Chalmers University of Technology and leads a global watch of energy-efficient road vehicles (OmEV) at SHC.

Swedish automotive industry shows a reborn interest in fuel cells. Hyundai’s and Toyota’s investments in the technology may be part of the explanation, says Magnus Karlström who was present at the conference Fuel Cell 2016, arranged by Technology watch of fuel cells. 

Hi Magnus! How was the conference?
It was really interesting. Fuel cells were hot in the early 2000s, and now I think we experience a reawakening of interest. Several of the project at the conference presented new knowledge, and we learned that the Swedish Energy Agency is planning a call for fuel cell research in the spring of 2017.

Read the full interview with Magnus Karlström on the Swedish page.

The program Technology watch of fuel cells is carried out within SHC’s framework and is coordinated by Energiforsk.