Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt
”Jag har direkt tillgång till Sveriges skarpaste forskarhjärnor, deras spjutspetskompetens på hög internationell nivå.”

Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt,
Chief Engineer Electromobility,
Scania CV AB


Partner in Swedish Electromobility Centre

Swedish Electromobility Centre unites industry, academia and society in questions concerning e-mobility, vehicle energy efficiency and sustainability. We build and transfer knowledge, perform research and education and facilitate networking and collaboration.

Being a partner gives you:

  • Access to all experts at Swedish technical universities
  • Insight into Swedish e-mobility activities and research
  • Awareness of international research
  • Exchange of expertise and knowledge transfer
  • PhD courses open for all PhD students and industrial engineers
  • Specially designed seminars and courses for industry
  • Shortcut to young talents through our PhD network
  • A wide, strong network of colleagues

Interested in joining us?

Should your company become a partner in Swedish Electromobility Centre? Don’t hesitate to contact director Elna Holmberg to learn more!