Program council

Swedish Electromobility Centre is governed by a Program council with representatives from all fully participating industries and universities. The Program council recommends projects to the President of Chalmers University of Technology, who takes the formal decision. The Program council may be supplemented by members from other Centre partners with smaller financial commitment. In addition, key persons are co-opted members of the Program council.

The Program council currently includes the following members:

Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt, Scania (Chair)
Erik Swietlicki, Lund University
Mats Andersson, AB Volvo
Eva Pålsgård, Uppsala University
Jan Wikander, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Hans-Olof Dahlberg, Swedish Energy Agency
Robert Eriksson, Volvo Car Corporation
Maria Grahn, Chalmers University of Technology
Peter Värbrand, Linköping University

Co-opted members
Anders Berndtsson, Swedish Transport Administration
Anders Grauers, Chalmers University of Technology
Jonas Fredriksson, Chalmers University of Technology
Elna Holmberg, Swedish Electromobility Centre
Göran Lindbergh, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Mats Alaküla, Lund University