A solid base for Next Generation Battery research

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Robert Dominko of NIC, Ljubljana gave a presentation on magnesium batteries.

Some hundred  participants attended the workshop “Next Generation Batteries” to learn more about tomorrow’s vehicle batteries. “We are building a solid base for further Swedish research and development”, says organizer Patrik Johansson.

While lithium-ion batteries still dominate the electric vehicle industry, other chemistries are emerging, often known as Next Generation Batteries (NGB). The interest from industry and academia for these chemistries is growing steadily, as was clearly seen at the  workshop “Next Generation Batteries” recently. About a hundred participants attended the event to learn more about tomorrow’s vehicle batteries.

“I am quite happy with the workshop as I saw many vivid discussions arise”, says Patrik Johansson, Professor at the Department of Physics, Chalmers, organizer of the workshop together with SHC.  He points out the need for arenas like SHC, to enable simple communication between academia and industry.

“The amount of optimism for NGBs is encouraging. With some needed reality checks we are building a solid base for further Swedish research and development.”

Both Swedish and international researchers presented their work with different battery chemistries during the day, among them Rosa Palacín from ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona and Robert Dominko from  NIC, Ljubljana. Better access to resources for the main components, possibility of higher energy density and lower cost compared to lithium-ion batteries, were some of the arguments that were given for the development of NGBs. The vehicle industry’s view of NGBs was covered by a speech by Anna Teyssot from Renault.

“I give a sincere thanks to all the presenters for the way that they took on the task to present complex topics for a rather diverse audience”, concludes Patrik Johansson.

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Text: Emilia Lundgren