Stefan Pettersson brings academia and institute closer together

Monday, October 15, 2018

Stefan Pettersson, research manager of the electromobility application area at RISE Viktoria and active in the Swedish Electromobility Centre, has also become an Adjunct Professor at Chalmers University of Technology. His inauguration lecture at Chalmers is titled “Collaborative academia-institute-industry/society electromobility research”.

Stefan Pettersson has a M.Sc. in Automation Engineering and a Ph.D. in Control Engineering. He became an Associate Professor in Control Engineering at Chalmers in 2004. Since last year Stefan is an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, and a member of the departmental advisory team.

We took the opportunity to ask Stefan some questions:
In your lecture you will talk about collaborative research, engaging academia, institute, industry and society. What are the benefits of this as you see it?

“Global challenges, like the climate problem, cannot be solved by single persons or organisations. They instead require common understanding and collaboration. Sweden is on the top three list of innovative countries but the pace of other countries is high and we really need to fight hard to keep our position and climb even higher up. I strongly believe that research where different stakeholders work together solving complex problems is beneficial for Sweden’s industry and our ability to be a top research and innovation country in the world. However, more important, by collaboration we will have the ability to better solve the global challenges for the common good of our society.”

What has been the driving force for you personally to join Chalmers as an Adjunct Professor? And what advantages do you see for RISE and the department, respectively?

“I have earlier been working at Chalmers and enjoyed and appreciated being a researcher around competent colleagues. I personally enjoy being a part of Sweden’s top universities and hope that I can create natural bridges between the research at Chalmers and RISE, resulting in more collaborative research and educating more Ph.D. students. I bring to Chalmers a large network of stakeholders and insight into their challenges, many ideas and common research possibilities and can help researchers to be in contact with relevant researchers at RISE. Adjunct Professors are natural persons helping the universities with the third task to bring research results to our society. From the RISE view point, I will get to know the research and researchers better and perhaps RISE will employee some of them, it can give good ideas for common innovation projects and it can provide good opportunities for increasing the competence of RISE researchers.”

What has made you specially interested in research on electromobility?

“After my quite theoretical Ph.D. studies at Chalmers I shifted the research more into the automotive application area. I worked with energy management problems in industry a couple of years before I moved to RISE Viktoria and became responsible for the electromobility application area. I personally like to do and contribute to research that is relevant and where you quite easily see the result of the research in society. Electric vehicles are part of the future transportation system and I am glad to contribute to the shift from fossil fuelled vehicles to a sustainable future with electrified vehicles.”

More info about Stefan Pettersson’s inauguration lecture on October 22, 2018

Text: Yvonne Jonsson, Chalmers