Technical details in focus at Theme Conference for Electrical Machines and Drives

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

On May 16, 2018, Swedish Electromobility Centre and its theme Electrical Machines and Drives invited to Theme Conference, a meeting point for researchers and engineers from both industry and academia to discuss the latest technical developments in their field.

The event was held at the historical and beautiful Kulturen in Lund. In a sunny and warm summer setting, the attendees learned from an exciting technical program configured around three different topics: modelling and testing of electric drives, unconventional machine designs and system concepts and analysis.

The event was smoothly guided by Thematic Area Researcher Francisco Márquez, and we caught up with him to ask about the concept and outcome of the day.

Fran, what was the purpose of the Theme conference?

“To gather as many researchers from Theme Electrical Machines and Drives as possible in order to discuss the technical details of some of the projects funded by the Centre – the available time does not allow to discuss all of them! Organising a full-day event also allows for more in-depth discussions, both during the presentation and question time, and while mingling at lunch and coffee breaks.”

What was your impression of the day?

“It was a very productive day! Not only did we get to know the details from some projects that hadn’t been shared yet, but there also were new faces – both from the Centre and outside – and a fantastic guest presentation from AVL Germany about novel techniques for e-motor emulation.”

Other highlights from the presentations?

“All the presentations were really interesting, with a strong technical detail focus rather than just general overview. From a personal perspective, I really liked the presentations focusing on testing of both electrical machines – dynamic testing and loss characterization – and power converters, with the e-motor emulator. On the other hand, the presentation about the effect of AC current on battery ageing was also excellent and brings up an interesting topic for joint research with Theme Energy Storage!”

What feedback did you receive from the attendees afterwards?

“Everyone seems very happy with the outcome! Most attendees appreciated the quality of the presentations, the fact that they were technically focused rather than commercial or of a more general scope. Moreover, they also expressed that it was nice to have a full day to “forget” about the office job and focus on interesting technical discussions, having direct access to those performing the research.”

How will you continue from this conference?

“We are now planning the activities to come in the autumn. As usual, we will try to focus on those aspects that are regarded interesting by our partners in the Centre, both industrial and academics. In addition, we will surely participate in the Roads to the Future conference – the Centre’s general scope conference. Stay tuned!”

Text & photos: Daniel Karlsson