Sommarskolan 2018

Swedish Electromobility Centre’s summer school focuses on components and system studies for electromobility, with emphasis on electric battery and fuel cell vehicles. The summer school is intended for PhD students in the field of e-mobility.

The course provides an overview of vital components such as batteries, fuel cells and electric machines, and tools for system studies, to be used for evaluation and design of vehicle propulsion systems. Possibilities and limitations with different propulsion solutions will be discussed. The setting of the course is Toftaholm Herrgård, by the eastern shore of Lake Vidöstern, a stone’s throw from the E4 between Värnamo and Ljungby.

The course includes traction motor fundamentals, power electronics for motor control, charging infrastructure, battery fundamentals, battery thermal models, battery modelling, fuel cell system, powertrain system analysis tools, control of electric and hybrid powertrains, vehicle system design, optimization.

Learning Outcomes
After the course the participants should be able to understand:

  • the main requirements and limitations of vehicle propulsion system as a battery electric and fuel cell drive train.
  • the fundamental function of batteries and fuel cells, their performance capabilities and limitations.
  • the fundamental function of the electric drive train, its performance capabilities and limitations.
  • the different charging technologies, their fundamental capabilities and limitations.
  • how optimization of design and control can be used in electromobility studies
  • how to use simulations for energy analysis of vehicles propulsion systems
  • the trade-offs involved in powertrain design
  • the system aspect of drive- and charging solutions regarding cost.

Attendees should be MSc in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or corresponding knowledge. A basic course on hybrid vehicles and their control or equivalent is highly recommended.

Examination and Credits
Examination based on attendance and homework. Passing the course requires solving the assignments and making a final project presentation.
Proposed credits is 5 hp. NB! To apply these credits within your PhD course curriculum you need an approval from your examiner.

Course location and timing
Part 1
When:  21 May 10.30 – 25 May 13.00. Bus from Värnamo station will be provided at 10:10.
Where: Toftaholm herrgård, just outside Värnamo.
What: Part I is a summer school with lectures and exercises during a week. That part is followed by own work on the home assignment which are to be presented at the second part of the course, consisting of a full day.

Part 2
When: Prel September 2018
Where: TBD
What: Part II consists of home assignments which are to be presented during a one day meeting in September, probably in Stockholm or Gothenburg.

We look forward to an intense week of learning, interacting and having fun together. We hope to see you there!



REGISTRATION: The registration has been closed.

COST: All traveling and living costs are paid by the participant. Cost for full board and lodging: 5885 Sek , VAT excluded.

ACCOMMODATION: A single room 21-25 May will be reserved upon your registration.
Please note: You have to pay the full cost for food and accommodation if you cancel your booking after 12 April.

HOW TO GET THERE: You get to Toftaholm herrgård by car, or by bus from Värnamo or Myrebo (incl. a 350m walk). Instructions on Toftaholms herrgård website:

QUESTIONS:  Any questions regarding the summer school should be directed to Elna Holmberg,