Thesis defense: Transportation Mission-Based Optimization of Heavy Combination Road Vehicles…

Doctoral thesis defence by Toheed Ghandriz

Time: Thursday 2020-12-17, 10:00-13:00
Main supervisor and examiner: Bengt Jacobson
Opponent: Professor David Cebon, Cambridge University, UK
Chairman: PhD Peter Nilsson, Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Co-supervisor for the PhD candidate
Grading committee:
– Lars Nielsen, Prof, LiU, Vehicular System
– Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt, PhD, Senior Expert Electromobility, Research & Innovation, Scania Group
– Violeta Roso, Assoc. Prof., Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics
– Viktor Berbyuk, Prof., Chalmers, M2


”Transportation Mission-Based Optimization of Heavy Combination Road Vehicles and Distributed Propulsion, Including Predictive Energy and Motion Control”

This thesis proposes methodologies to improve heavy vehicle design by reducing the total cost of ownership and by increasing energy efficiency and safety.

Environmental issues, consumers expectations and the growing demand for freight transport have created a competitive environment in providing better transportation solutions. In this thesis, it is proposed that freight vehicles can be designed in a more cost- and energy-efficient manner if they are customized for narrow ranges of operational domains and transportation use-cases. For this purpose, optimization-based methods were applied to minimize the total cost of ownership and to deliver customized vehicles with tailored propulsion components that best fit the given transportation missions and operational environment. Optimization-based design of the vehicle components was found to be effective due to the simultaneous consideration of the optimization of the transportation mission infrastructure, including charging stations, loading-unloading, routing and fleet composition and size, especially in case of electrified propulsion. Implementing integrated vehicle hardware-transportation optimization could reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 35\% in the case of battery electric heavy vehicles…

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