Welcome to Di Stora mobilitetsdagen

tisdag, november 12, 2019

Linda Olofsson, Director of the Swedish Electromobility Centre, participates in the panel on Di Stora Mobilitetsdagen, December 10 at Scandic Infracity in Uppland’s village! 

We are in the midst of the digital transformation where fast, sustainable and cost-effective mobility is becoming increasingly important for the development of society. If Sweden is to continue to be a competitive country, well-functioning mobility is crucial where the car industry is a major building block.

Big car days have long been Sweden’s premier meeting place for the Swedish and international car industry. This year, we are putting in an even higher gear and upgrading to a larger room and changing our name to the Great Mobility Day.

On December 10 at Scandic Infra city in Stockholm you will receive the latest update on the possibilities of the automotive industry in a digitalized world and how the development of the cars of the future looks.

What is going on at the big car companies in the industry? How do we address the challenges of the charging infrastructure for electric cars and the ethical and economic aspects of battery manufacturing? What mobility services are about to break through? What global trends do we see and how do the needs, wishes and priorities of the motorist of the future change?

During this whole day you will have the opportunity to listen to and network with the decision makers who set the trends for the car industry and the future transport system. Here you meet leading international players who give their views on the challenges and prospects of the automotive industry.

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