SEC will be represented at the EVS36 in Sacrament, California. SEC director Linda Olofsson willpresent her article about the centre as a part of the centre’s international outreach and collaborations.

SEC represented at EVS36

The EVS36 conference is one of the world’s largest annual conferences about electromobility. This year it will be held in Sacramento 11-14 June.

“I am honored to present how we in SEC address system perspective for large-scale implementation of electromobility, and I think the interest for what is going on in Sweden is high. We have a good reputation and this event is an excellent opportunity for the centre to tie our collaborations with the world around us even more”, says Linda Olofsson. 

The paper Linda Olofsson will present brings up the centre as a successful collaboration between many different actors within different disciplines and industries. 

This is an extract of the paper Linda will present at the conference:

Through a system perspective starting on the component level in the vehicle going all the way to integration into the electric grid, SEC’s project portfolio addresses challenges for full-scale implementation of an electric fleet into the transport ecosystem. 

Electrification of transport is a subset of all electrification that is underway, including electrification of industry and digitization of society. Therefore, electrification of transport must also fit into the larger picture. The interconnection of different systems puts high demands on reliability, robustness, and resilience.

The SEC drives development and contributes to large-scale implementation by addressing these challenges through their project portfolio. Overall, SEC’s efforts are aimed at accelerating Sweden’s transition towards sustainable transportation through innovative solutions that address current challenges. With their focus on research and innovation, they are well-positioned to play a leading role in shaping Sweden’s future transportation landscape.