About us

The Swedish Electromobility Centre is a national reseach centre for electromobility. We unify Sweden´s competence and serve as a platform for interaction between academia, industry and society.

How we do it

  • Frontline research.
  • Thematic areas as platforms for Swedish research agenda.
  • Outreaching conferences and workshops.
  • Daily global watch of energy efficient vehicles.
  • National network for doctoral students.

We develop and optimize existing and future emobility solutions for energy-efficient and eco-friendly electric and hybrid vehicle concepts as well as air and seaborn vessels. Our research concerns the drivetrain with its components and control system as well as the infrastructure itself, interaction between vehicles and the vehicle’s ability to utilize the infrastructure.

We promote knowledge building, networking and education, by conferences and workshops, courses for doctoral students through our doctoral student network. Furthermore, we host a daily analysis of activities on the global arena, distributed in the newsletter OmEV.

Swedish Electromobility Centre was founded by the Swedish Energy Agency in partnership with Swedish automotive industry and academia.

Our Thematic leaders of the Swedish Electromobility Centre

From the left: Fransisco Márquez-Fernández [2], Mikael Lantz [5], Linda Olofsson (Director), Göran Lindbergh [3], Anders Nordelöf [4], Cecilia Boström [5], Daniel Brandell [3], Magnus Blinge [4], Oskar Wallmark [2] and Jonas Fredriksson [1]. Absent: Lars Eriksson (Looking at us from the board above) [1]. [Within the parenthesis is the Theme Leader’s area]

Electromobility is an area that affect and will be affected by almost all actors in the society. 

Cecilia BoströmTheme Leader of theme 5

Our organisation 

The research conducted at Swedish Electromobility Centre is divided into five separate thematic areas. Each theme area has two theme leaders, responsible for managing the theme to serve as a platform for research collaboration and knowledge transfer within the specific theme area. Each theme has a theme group associated with it, company’s specialists in each area and research participants from participating parties. All thematic areas carry out SEC-funded research projects whose development and results are followed up at the theme group meetings.

Annual Report 2020

Here you find our annual report for the second year in stage 4, 2020 for the SEC.  The annual report is loaded with information about projects and network activities. This is the long version.

Welcome to read it!

Contributing to a sustainable society

The United Nations Global goals constitutes the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development on a global scale. Contributing to building a society where everything from the smallest component and batteries to the most complex systems are sustainable in every aspect is what truly lies at the heart of SEC’s mission. Hence, our activities directly or indirectly affect several of the global goals for sustainable development.   

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