Environment and Society

Thematic area Environment and Society investigates the electrified vehicle from a societal and environmental perspective. The research gather data for and analyzes drive patterns and requirements for vehicles and infrastructure, for different types of mobility and transport services. The work also covers aspects relating to policy and the gradually more important role of electromobility in the transportation system, e.g. through studies of how different actors influence ongoing development and the mechanisms that govern how they interact. Other topics of interest are principles and solutions for achieving long-term sustainability by circular material flows for the required hardware, as well as mapping and assessing the environmental impact over the life cycle of the technical systems, for example manufacturing and recycling of batteries and electrical machines.

  • Studies of users and transport services.
  • Policy support and the role of different actors.
  • Measures for resource efficiency and circular economy.
  • Assessment of environmental impact and use of resources.
  • Life cycle perspective.

Theme leaders

Henrik Gillström

Henrik Gillström

Theme leader (acting)
Environment and Society
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Anders Nordelöf

Theme leader
Environment and Society
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We can develop electric propulsion into a great technology for the vehicles of the future, and significantly reduce the climate impact of the transport sector. But we must also identify new problems and challenges that the technology creates, such that we can address them all at once, holistically. Life cycle assessment is an important tool.

Anders NordelöfTheme Leader of theme 4