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Call for Projects
– Spring 2023

SEC is a node for research and deve-lopment of electric transport and charging infrastructure. In this call we finance projects with time frame of 15 June 2023 – 31 December 2026.

SEC at E-Charge meeting in Helsingborg

The E-charge project, where SEC is part, held consortium meeting in Helsingborg in March 2023.

SEC’s Annual Report 2022

The SEC annual report is now available for download. It gives an overview of what has been going on in the centre throughout 2022.

Electrification of logistics– where do we start?

Electrification will potentially reshape logistics companies’ rout planning and relation to both customers, grid owners, and vehicle manufacturers.

PhD thesis defense at Uppsala University

Uppsala University invites you to René Degen's public PhD thesis defense on 27 March at 13:00.

Electromagnetic compatibility workshop

V chargers may cause disturbances for other infrastructure, which raises the issue of electromagnetic compatibility.


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