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Maximizing the ROI of charging infrastructures

To reach climate goals, a well-planned charging infrastructure is paramount for a rapid, efficient, and smooth transport electrification transition. To this end, in the SEC-funded project LOLA, researchers are building a model and method to...

Bli en nyckelperson hos oss!

Vi söker en biträdande föreståndare. Swedish Electromobility Centre är det nationella forskningscentrumet för elektrifiering av transporter med verksamhet som sträcker sig från tekniken ombord till samhället och energisystemet. Som biträdande föreståndare får du en nyckelroll...

Electric aviation’s most important research areas

The Swedish Electromobility Center together with The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises and Region Skåne conducted a workshop on strategic research areas for electric aviation. The workshop took a broad approach and issues from energy...
Shadow of an aircraft

SEC’s workshop on electric flight

As participants in the Swedish government’s electrification commission, SEC researchers teamed up in a workshop to look at research on electric flight from all themes’ viewpoints. On behalf of the Swedish government’s electrification commission, SEC...
Front page annual report

Annual report 2021

2021 was a year of collaboration for SEC. While the difficulties of 2020 made us grow digitally, 2021 let us once again meet up. We pulled off two live events at once with the Roads...


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