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RISE new full partner of SEC

RISE, Reseach Institutes of Sweden, joined SES as full partners in 2022. “RISE has both deep research and a wide surface facing industry”, says Stefan Pettersson, director for Electro mobility at RISE and also focus...

Who can make the best controller? 

How optimized can a fuel cell truck become? In a competition arranged by Professor Lars Eriksson at Linköping University and Scania you can compete with teams all over the world who can make the regulator...

Lectures and exercises at the Autumn School

The annual Autumn school was held in Alingsås with lectures and exercises for the SEC doctoral network. Therese Eriksson, coorionator of the network was there.

SEC and the Swedish armed forces in collaboration on electromagnetic compatibility 

As society is going through an electrification with a transport fleet depending on charging stations and electric roads, problems may occur for the Swedish Armed Forces. 

Shorter range with harder winds 

Weather is an important factor when estimating how far an electric vehicle can get before it needs to recharge.


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