Autumn school 2021

The PhD network met in Söderköping for this year’s autumn school.

20 PhD students from SEC’s all participating universities took part of lectures and practical exercises related to the five themes in SEC. This year the focus was on components and system studies for electromobility, with emphasis on electric battery and fuel cell vehicles.

Anar Ibrayeva, PhD student at Uppsala University

“The autumn school is a perfect place for networking and exchange of knowledge between experts in different fields. It was not only engaging but also fun!”, says Anar Ibrayeva, PhD student at Uppsala University.

Lecturers were Jonas Fredriksson, Chalmers and theme 1, with assistance from many of the other theme leaders online, and also Mats Leksell, KTH.

Collaboration and networking is a central part of SEC and the PhDs got to collaborate between university borders in the group exercises.