Seminar on electric flights

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Swedish Electromobility Centre and the Doctoral Student Network are happy to invite all our members to this seminar about electric flights.

We have invited three speakers to talk about electric flight from their perspective.

Anders Forslund, Heart aerospace. Anders will speak about his journey from Ph.D. student to running a company developing an electric aircraft. Anders is a former Chalmers PhD student in aerospace product development. He formed Heart Aerospace in 2018, participated in the Y combinator startup accelerator in 2019.

Lennart Thörn, Senior Adviser, Trafikanalys. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from aircraft need to be reduced if Sweden is to meet its long-term climate objective of zero net GHG emissions by 2045 and our obligations under the Paris Agreement’s 1.5° temperature goal. Transport Analysis’s findings for these areas will be presented during the seminar.

Anders Lundbladh, GKN Aerospace. The presentation The road to ”zero” climate emission air transport will show that aircraft emission is likely to become critical in a few decades. It will give an overview of five ways to drastically reduce the net heating caused by air travel and where electric power can be used to produce hydrogen and electro fuels as well as used directly for propulsion. Anders Lundbladh is an Engineering Fellow of GKN Aerospace and Adjunct Professor of Propulsion Engineering at Chalmers University. He has led Swedish and European research for innovative propulsion solutions and has 30 years’ experience in the Aerospace Business.

Press here for full invitation and agenda, pdf

When: April 21 09:30: 12:00
Where: Online via Teams
Questions: Please email
Registration: Please register before April 19, 2021