RISE new full partner of SEC

RISE, Reseach Institutes of Sweden, joined SEC as full partners in 2022. “RISE has both deep research and a wide surface facing industry”, says Stefan Pettersson, director for Electromobility at RISE and also focus area leader for energy and environment for mobility.  

SEC and RISE have collaborated for a long time before they joined as partners at SEC and there have been close collaborations. 

Stefan Pettersson, RISE

“RISE and SEC have been syncing and done knowledge sharing two times a year. But Sweden needs to gather our strength and we at RISE think this is a good time to join forces, to get a clearer collaboration and avoid risking double work”, says Stefan Pettersson.  

One of RISE’s strengths is that the organization places between industry and academia, and is often a glue where there often is a gap.  

“We facilitate collaboration, catalyze innovation, and accelerate the energy transition. We engage in both fundamental issues and applied issues”, says Stefan Pettersson. 

RISE owns more than 50 percent of Sweden’s test beds. One example is SEEL, Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory, where batteries and drivelines are tested. 

“We want to connect our operations between SEEL and SEC”, says Stefan Pettersson. 

RISE is engaged in realizing the goals of the projects they are active in. When academia tends to lean towards education of students as a main goal, RISE is more focused on impact.  

“We can put senior researchers on shorter projects to solve specific issues and faster give industry what they need. I think our partnership will make SEC more dynamic in that sense”, says Stefan Pettersson.