SEC theme leader Anders Nordelöf on the IVA 100-list

SEC leader for theme 4 – Electromobility in society – Anders Nordelöf and his research around life cycle assessment and circularity of electric vehicles has made it to the prestigious IVA 100-list.

The project is about the life cycle assessment of electric motors and power electronics, as well as lithium-ion batteries and other promising future battery chemistries. According to IVA’s statement it builds crucial knowledge about technical design choices and strategies for circular material flows – such as reuse, repair or recycling – and can be used to minimize total the environmental burden from the vehicles of the future.

“I am very happy that my research receives this kind of recognition. It helps me both in establishing new collaborations and reaching out when communicating results”, says Anders Nordelöf.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) spotlights research projects that have potential of creating utilization, for example through industrial commercialisation, business and method development or impact on society.

Anders Nordelöf’s research has already made impact internationally when it contributed to the European Commission report Determining the environmental impacts of conventional and alternatively fuelled vehicles through LCA.