The Emobility day 2020 – ”World-class” says chairman

The annual Emobility days became a densely packed one-day event with lots of interesting presentations and communication between the themes of the centre. “World-class” says Centre chairman Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt.

Hi, Nils-Gunnar!

What are your comments about the day? Which were the high-lights?

It was an exciting day. It is very rare that I spend a full day in a digital forum – but here I found so much useful that I just couldn’t leave. Highlights from the day are that we within the center span an entire universe of relevant electromobility research. Everything from research on the innermost chemical properties of batteries via energy-efficient electrical machines, power electronics and vehicle systems to how society can and needs to change. We close the circle by researching the life cycle impact of the components. World-class!

What is the biggest benefit that comes out of a day like this?
I think the biggest benefit of the day is that all stakeholders involved can take part in research from all the different parts of the center. In this way, new insights are created, and new contacts are made within the center. This makes our research even more relevant.

Can you compare with previous years? Did it work even though it was online?
I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how well the day worked, even though we could not meet physically. The upside of having virtually no restrictions on the number of participants and that we avoid the environmental impact that travel creates in previous years outweighs all the small technological glitches and the habit of being completely digital. However, I miss the physical presence from previous years and the direct feedback to the lecturers from the audience’s interested and participating faces. Not least the giggles at any attempt at jokes and the applause after the presentations. But we will surely find good substitutes for it when we get more used to this.

Any other observations?
I think that the set-up and arrangement with active breaks – coffee info and tough Quiz was great. Extra fun to see how competitive we as participants were – and that despite Power Googling after answers to the questions, no one was right. A big thank you to everyone who arranged this day!