Repetition of SEC Lectures Part 2

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SEC Lectures: Introduction to electromobility
Repetition of Part 2: Electrical machines, drives and charging

Swedish Electromobility Centre and Bombardier are happy welcome you to our repetition of the “Introduction to Electromobility – Part 2” lecture that  was held on the 8 May 2020.

Introduction to Electrical machines, drives, and charging gives the participants an overview of the key components of an electric drivetrain. Being the ultimate goal, the conversion of the electrical energy stored in the battery into mechanical forces on the wheels, we will describe all the necessary power conversions and associated hardware that make this possible.

The day will be divided in four blocks:
1.    Electrical Machines: working principle, types of machines, control
2.    Power Electronics: semiconductor technology, converter topologies, applications
3.    Drivetrain optimization: translating vehicle performance into drivetrain specifications, design trade-offs
4.    Charging infrastructure: charging strategies, charging equipment and vehicle implications

Press here for agenda and more information, pdf >>

(NOTE: This event if only for SEC partners)

When: February 2 10:00: 15:30
Where: Online via Teams
Questions: Please email
Registration: Please register before February 1, 2021 12:00