IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Instiutte, joins Swedish Electromobility Centre as a partner. We had a chat with Elin Eriksson, Director, Key Accounts and Assignments at IVL, about the participation.

Welcome to SEC, Elin!
How does IVL’s activities relate to what we do in SEC?
IVL has a wide range of activities. We have competence and are active within many fields of electromobility. One is sustainable mobility with efficient policy instruments and actions where IVL holds a both wide and deep competence in the international and European frameworks and actions regarding, for example, transports and the climate issue, but also air pollution, environmental footprint and circularity.

We also work with system analysis, LCA, LCC and socio-economic analyzes to compare and optimize different solutions for electromobility, which also includes so-called external socio-economic costs. Another area we work in is analysis of the sustainability performance of various technical solutions of batteries and supply chains, as well as of various possible technical and systemic solutions for extraction, recycling and increased circularity. We also have deep expertise in production processes and resource efficiency, as well as materials and chemical substances as well as current and future legislation.

What do you hope to be able to contribute to the center?
IVL works operationally with everything from desktop studies to practical pilot trials in test facilities, labs and in full scale, so we hope that IVL can contribute to new knowledge taking the steps to implementation in actual production and recycling processes. We also hope to be able to contribute with comparative impact assessments to identify the most favorable solutions before they are tested and implemented. Here, for example, we work with digital twins and large amounts of data to effectively choose direction and solutions. IVL also runs many practical solutions such as certified programs and systems, which can also be important parts of a complete solution. We hope that our breadth in the area of ​​sustainability, international networks and broad fields of work can contribute to the center.

How do you hope IVL will benefit from the participation?
We hope for exciting and interesting collaborations on complex issues and to be able to apply our expertise and our methods to the common challenges we have in taking steps forward towards the development and implementation of sustainable solutions in electromobility.

In which theme (s) will you be most active?
IVL will participate in the theme areas System Studies and Methods and Electromobility in Society to begin with.