SEC and the Swedish armed forces in collaboration on electromagnetic compatibility 

Electric vehicles, like all electric equipment, irradiate electromagnetism. As society is going through an electrification with a transport fleet depending on charging stations and electric roads, problems may occur for the Swedish Armed Forces.  Anders Broberg, Major, at the Swedish Armed Forces, leading the collaboration with SEC in Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). 

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Portrait of Anders Broberg
Major Anders Broberg.

The Swedish armed forces, together with the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the Swedish Defence Material Administration, and the National Defence Radio Establishment, are building knowledge around challenges and risks they estimate electrification may have on their operations and other community-supporting functions.  

“We are looking into electric roads and charging parks, where we estimate how the electromagnetic radiation may cause problems for our systems, such as the communication system RAKEL, which is also used by the police” says Anders Broberg. 

Military measuring electromagnetism by an electric road
Tests on electromagnetism by the electric test road in Lund.

The increasing amount of electromagnetism all over the country may also cause disturbance to both mobile and stationary facilities run by the Swedish Armed Forces. Their operability is depending on communication systems with wave lengths that might easily be disturbed by the radiation that electromagnetism from electric vehicles and their infrastructure emit.  

Now they want to share the knowledge they have made in the studies, to enable the electrification to be developed in a way that is sustainable also from a security and a defence point of view.  

There is much electromagnetic disturbance to avoid by from start reduce the amount of redundant networks and by isolating electric installations. 

“We have facilities and operations all over the country, and they are very often secret. The Swedish Armed Forces are in a position of being able to stop projects that we estimate may interfere with these operations. And that is why we want to support industry in an early stage to build in a way that doesn’t disturb our operations, and other community-supporting functions. International industries also have a benefit of our knowledge sharing since most governments face the same domestic issues” says Anders Broberg.  

SEC will arrange workshops on the topic, which will be available on SEC’s web. 

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