SEC commits to a promise of contributing to an acceleration of the electrification of heavy transportations. 

The initiative comes from the Swedish government’s Electrification Commission where SEC participates and is one of the contributors in the commission’s work of increasing the speed of electrification of the transport sector. SEC’s director Linda Olofsson is the centre’s representative in the commission.

“Committing to the promise in a joint initiative with all other contributors in the Electrification Commission’s implementation plans for how to accelerate the electrification of regional freight transport by truck gives further strength to the transition into the electrified society. The SEC is a strong player in research for electrified transport and it is a matter of course that we should be involved and contribute to this work,” says Linda Olofsson.

SEC’s promise:

The Swedish Electromobility Center (SEC) is the national research center for electrification of land, sea and air transport. SEC’s vision is that electromobility, together with renewable electricity production, reaches its full potential as a building block for the sustainable society of the future. Our goal is to accelerate the development and implementation of electric propulsion technologies in the transport ecosystem by maximizing their usability, versatility and efficiency, while minimizing their overall impact on the environment, human health and natural resources and strengthening the competitiveness of Swedish industry.

Through this electrification promise, we show how we accelerate the conversion of regional freight transport to electric operation.

The electrification promise means that:

• It is part of SEC’s core mission to drive the development of electrified transport and sustainable mobility. SEC intends to follow the work and work systematically with knowledge acquisition and dissemination of information to help increase the pace of electrification of heavy trucks. SEC also intends to contribute as an advisor and, through its national capacity, contribute to finding the right competence for the questions that need to be answered in the work.