SEC Focus group on Battery Swapping

Illustration of battery swapping.

The Swedish Electromobility Centre has approved the formation of a focus group on Battery Swapping. It will be the first focus group of the Centre and will be coordinated by VTI, The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. 

Battery swapping is a complementary form of vehicle charging that may also play a role in energy storage that strengthens the energy grid. While yet lacking a strong role in Sweden, battery swapping solutions have increased considerably internationally.

The focus group has a cross-thematic relevance with the objective to explore and evaluate the technique from a Swedish perspective, including identifying research gaps and specific questions to address in future projects. The collaboration will start with the seven SEC partners from the industry, academy and institutes that have already confirmed interest, with a possibility to join for all SEC members. The time frame is one year, starting October 2022. For more information, contact Svetla Käck at VTI.