SEC in Sweden’s electrification commission

Linda Olofsson, director of SEC has been appointedto participate in the Swedish government’scommission for electrification. “The goal is completely in line with what we at the SEC work with and it is a great opportunity for us to contribute to the energy transition”, says Linda Olofsson.

The commission’s purpose is to accelerate the electrification of the transport sector. The commission will contribute to the government as a counceling body to ensure exchange between the government and industry, reseach and society.

“The commission will be an engine for the wanted electrification, because this is something the government can’t do alone”, says Tomas Eneroth, Minister for Infrastructure in a press event where he presented the commission and its work.

“I look forward to this assignment. The work of increasing the pace of electrification is very important and much needed. Collaboration is the way forward to enable large-scale electrification and sustainable transport”, says Linda Olofsson.

The commission’s mission will be to investigate the need and possibilities for electrification through hydrogen, urgently develop an activity plan for electrification of the roads with the heaviest traffic, map how the electrification of the shipping industry and flight can be accelerated and investigate the needs and possibilities for finance.

The commission will also have a special focus on heavy transportation in a near future.

See minister’s presentation (in Swedish)