Workshop: Fuel Cells in Transport

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Fuel cell technology is a promising complement to batteries for vehicles with high energy demand for long ranges and heavy loads. They are specifically suitable for aircrafts, ships, trains and heavy duty trucks. The focus of this workshop will be fuel cell lifetime and performance evaluation, fuel cell integration into trains and hydrogen safety. We are especially pleased that Professor Erik Kjaeng, Canada Research Chair in Fuel Cell Science and Technology Development at Simon Fraser University, will present some of his research on PEMFC aging that he has conducted through the years, often in close collaboration with the Canadian fuel cell company Ballard.




14:00 Introduction and presentation of Pre study on Fuel cell durability, Anneli Jedenmalm, ABB
14:20 Hydrogen trains,  Peter Mellberg, Alstrom Group
14:40 Hydrogen safety, Andre Gaathaug, University of South-Eastern, Norway
15:00 Aging of PEMFC, Erik Kjeang, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

15:40 Internal SEC discussion Future plans and proposals, moderator: Anneli Jenenmalm

16:30 End of workshop

When: 9 December, 2021 14:00-16:30
Where: Online via Zoom
Questions: Please email
Registration: Please register before December 8, 2021 13:00