Smart charging in urban mobility hubs: a Theme 5-project Workshop in Uppsala

During the reference group meeting of the SEC financed “Dansmästaren Project”, a visit to the facility where experiments will be carried out was organised. Dansmästaren is a multi-functional building comprising a parking garage, student apartments, and a grocery store. 

Representatives from Volvo Cars, CEVT, E.ON, Vattenfall, Charge Amps, Uppsala University, Uppsala Parkering AB, and Uppsala Kommun attended the event.

The group visited the solar park on the rooftop of the building, the parking garage with the vehicle chargers, and the technical room with the EMS under development and the battery energy storage. 
A discussion in the form of a workshop followed. In particular, the participants on-site and on Zoom talked over the topics:

–    Smart charging: now and in the future. A bigger picture of the project was given and put in context.
–    Smart charging at Dansmästaren: what and how. Priorities were debated, together with possible strategies to be adopted in Mobility Houses.
–    Data and equipment: available and needed. The data required to conduct experiments and validate models was discussed. 

From left: Rafael Waters (UU/Stuns), Magdalena Wiksten (UPAB), Timofey Maltsev  (CEVT), Ali Fotouhi (Volvo Cars), Marina Mattos (UU), Pär-Ola Andersson (E.ON), Linnea Klingström (UPAB), Ulrika Morild (Vattenfall), Alexander Wallberg (UU), Valeria Castellucci (UU), David Svedinger (UPAB).
Linnea Nerdal (Uppsala Kommun) and Anton Karlberg (Charge Amps) attended online.